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3 Steps ahead.

01. We Plan

Planning your wedding photography is what gives fine results in the end. We know every inch of Skiathos Island and which would be the best places to get married in Skiathos and of course photo shoot your wedding. Weather conditions based on location or the time of the day are also very important so we always have a backup plan for the special private photography session.

The Actual PhotoShoot.

02. We Shoot

Based on the desired style of the photo shoot and how far are you willing to go for it, we setup lights, prepare the set and warm up with some test shots. So the shooting starts and you only need to relax and follow the photographer’s instructions. What’s certain is that our photographer can and will make you feel comfortable in order to achieve the best results for your frames.

Editing & Delivery.

03. We Deliver

Depending on what has been agreed we get all raw image files of your wedding photos and start editing. Our editing process varies based on what we are looking to create and often involves advanced to make your wedding photos perfect. Digital Files are delivered with a private download link or a disc if you prefer. Additional services like prints are available.

Together We Create Memories

That click, that one click that allows me to make your memories stand still. That’s what drives me. You will never forget…